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Write it Down! – Create a contract with yourself.

Host:  Joel Goobich, Big Picture Advisors

Featured Topics:  Business Plan, Strategic Roadmap

Create a written business roadmap that leads you to success

A business is a long term venture. It is like a garden, it takes time to prepare the business soil, plant the seeds, fertilize, harvest the crop (profits) and repeat over and over again. This episode delves into the importance of strategic planning with an emphasis on writing it down. The act of transcribing your thoughts into an actual document refines and organizes them. The written document is a resource that should be referred to frequently and shared with others. It constitutes a contract by which you will measure your success.

Without a roadmap it is hard to achieve the lasting business success that produces a healthy return on the risk and investment of starting or purchasing a business. This roadmap must address what you want to achieve, how you will accomplish it and the resources needed along the way.



Strategic Business Plan, Business Plan, Business  Roadmap, Growth Strategies, Business Development

The Big Picture (Episode Feature) Question

Do you have a written business plan? When was the last time it was updated? Has it ever been reviewed by an objective outside professional?

Host Information

Joel Goobich, President
Big Picture Advisors llc

Tip/Offer of the Week

A business plan should be a living document and resource that provides a roadmap for the direction and objective of the business. Creating a One Page plan that conveys the essential elements in a straightforward bullet item fashion is something that forces you to uncover the truly core processes that will make you successful. Use our worksheet as a template to begin this as well as read the easy to follow and use One Page Business Plan workbooks in our Links section.

Worksheet of the Week

A One Page Business Plan template

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