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The Sultan of SWOT

Host: Joel Goobich, Big Picture Advisors llc

Featured Topics:  Evaluate your business with a SWOT Analysis

This episode concentrates on how to use a SWOT Analysis to evaluate your business and it’s processes.

A SWOT Analysis is an essential tool for managing change, determining strategic direction and setting realistic goals and objectives. The process requires an honest review and assessment of four main components of your business or process.

Simply put – it is a way to evaluate the core issues and the resources needed to address them. A SWOT Analysis leads to a proactive approach to problem solving versus a reactive approach.



SWOT Analysis, Annual Business Checkup, Business Planning, Strategic Planning

The Big Picture (Episode Feature) Question

When was the last time you took a hard, honest look at your business? Are you aware of the weaknesses and threats that can put your enterprise in jeopardy? Are you utilizing your business assets to maximize your market opportunities?

Host Information

Joel Goobich, President
Big Picture Advisors llc

Tip/Offer of the Week

Do your own SWOT analysis (download the exercise worksheet). Did it anything ‘pop’ out at you upon first evaluation? Contact Big Picture Advisors if you need assistance with using a SWOT Analysis.

Additional Reading/Links

Taking a SWOT at Babe Ruth – the Sultan of SWAT

by Joel Goobich

SWOT Analysis: The Annual Check-Up for a Business

by Sarah L. Simoneaux and Chris L. Stround

Worksheet of the Week

Do your own SWOT analysis (download the exercise worksheet). Did it anything ‘pop’ out at your upon first evaluation? Contact Big Picture Advisors if you need assistance with using a SWOT Analysis.

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Joel Goobich is a big-picture guy with sharp insight into how individual parts make a strong whole. He has 30+ years of entrepreneurial endeavors; starting, building and exiting businesses. He is tireless in the pursuit of solutions to boost your business and put you on a track to a profitable transition and exit to your next act.