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The Fine Print can get you stuck

Ever get stuck with a charge to your credit card because you didn’t read the fine print?

I often wonder how much ecommerce, how many dollars are taken out of our pockets each year because certain companies ‘hide’ charges in the fine print of their online or print ads. I would venture to guess that the amount is in the billions of dollars of essentially false ecommerce.

This happened to me recently when I decided to try the Free Credit Report ads. Turns out that with the choice of different call to action buttons, one of them comes with a $31.95 charge that apparently is written in the very fine print hidden somewhere in micro fine 5 point font at the bottom of the page.

This led me to think – how much time then is sucked out of our lives when we go through our statements (and so many people don’t!!) and then have to waste time on the phone disputing the charge or requesting a refund. Do business ethics really exist?

These are all little ways that I find myself getting stuck. And it’s a waste of time.

A lesson to be learned for those in business. – Be honest, be upfront with what you actually charge for your products and services. Act as if you are the consumer. Is this the way you would want to be solicited with information.

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