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Does Your Business Have 20/20 Vision?

Does Your Business Have 20/20 Vision?

Featured Topics: Vision Statement,  Business Values, Exiting a Business [powerpress] As we get older our eyesight changes. We don’t have the 20/20 vision that we had when we were younger. We need corrective lenses in order to see things the way we once did. However, just because our eyes no longer function as well as before, we are the people. Our impaired vision does not really change us. It doesn’t change our values, our […]


Fall in love with your Business – Again

Fall in love with your Business - Again

Featured Topics: Exiting a Business, Selling a Business, Business Succession, Business Exit Planning [powerpress] It’s human nature that once we ‘fall out of love’ with something it’s really difficult, sometimes impossible to ‘fall in love’ with it again. The business world is strewn with owners who have fallen out of love with their business. This happens often, whether it’s from burnout from the stresses of meeting payroll, getting orders out on time, handling personnel […]


The “magic” behind a great exit

The "magic" behind a great exit

Host:  Joel Goobich, Big Picture Advisors Featured Topics: Business Exit Plan, Exit Strategy, Succession Planning, Exiting a business [powerpress] Exiting a business does not involve any magic. There is no great “magic” trick where a magician waves his wand and ‘poof’ in a cloud of smoke you disappear and exit to the next big thing in your life. Here’s a simple fact – Everyone Exits. (Nothing earth shattering in this pearl of wisdom). On […]


Don’t Drop the Baton During Your Business Exit

Don't Drop the Baton During Your Business Exit

The 2012 London Olympics will be beginning soon and with it will come one of the more exciting sporting events to watch. The relay race. Now visualize that relay race. Place yourself and the next generation of ownership on the track where you think the ‘baton’ transfer should start and where it should end. Will you continue to run forward alongside the new baton holder (the next owner or the next generation of ownership) […]



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