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Five Business Lessons that Sandy Taught Us

Five Business Lessons that Sandy Taught Us

I live in Charleston, SC and “knock on wood” I have never experienced a devastating hurricane, even though the ghost of hurricane Hugo still lingers in this city. Watching the pictures from the effects of Hurricane Sandy has reminded me that the ghost sticks around a long time, especially if you don’t learn the lessons on how to deal with the demon. There are many lessons to be learned from Hurricane Sandy. Far too […]


Stop the Presses!! – Newsweek is stuck in an old business model

Stop the Presses!! - Newsweek is stuck in an old business model

Stop the presses. I mean literally STOP THE PRESSES. (I really did mean to yell). That’s what’s going to happen at Newsweek at the end of this year. That’s right, after nearly 80 years of publication, the news magazine will no longer be printed. It will no longer “go to press”. Newsweek, under the direction of Editor-in-Cheif Tina Brown has created an exit strategy and will be implementing an exit plan to fully transition […]


Where is Your “Omaha?”?

Guest: Tom Stocker Owner’s Edge LLC Featured Topics: Business Vision and Mission [powerpress] In the words of Yogi Berra – “If you don’t know where your going – You could end up someplace else. “ This episode concentrates on the issues of Vision in the context of building a proper business growth and exit strategy.  Think of a business vision as having a keen understanding of the destination in which you as a business […]



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