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A Brokered Sale – Part B

A Brokered Sale - Part B

Guest: Barbara Taylor, Synergy Business Services. LLC Featured Topics: Business Brokers – How a Business Broker works to sell your business [powerpress] This episode (part B) continues my conversation from earlier this summer with Barbara Taylor, a business broker based in Rogers, Arkansas. This section of the interview deals with how a business broker works. How do they help a business owner prepare to sell their business? What is the due diligence that a […]


What are you REALLY worth? It’s not what you think.

What are you REALLY worth? It's not what you think.

Guest: Chris Mellen, President – Delphi Valuation Advisors Featured Topics: Business Valuations, Business Appraisal, Range of Values, Fair Market Value [powerpress] On the episode titled “What are you REALLY Worth – It’s not what you think” we explore the complex but critically important issue of determining a value for your business. Any good business owner understands that their business is essentially an investment. And as any successful investment it is key to know its value […]


A Brokered Deal – Not a Broken Deal

A Brokered Deal - Not a Broken Deal

There has been a cascade of online chatter in the past few months ignited by the April 2012 article in Inc. Magazine by noted entrepreneur Norm Brodsky. His contention is that most business brokers are generalists and even insinuates that the profession is often quite shady. In Brodsky’s words “Most brokers can be counted on to represent themselves. A broker’s livelihood depends, after all, on 1. Making sure the deal gets done and 2. […]


A Brokered Sale – Not a Broken Sale

A Brokered Sale - Not a Broken Sale

Guest: Barbara Taylor, Synergy Business Services. LLC Featured Topics: Business Brokers – How to find and hire a business broker This episode (part A) delves into one of the avenues of selling a business; working with a business broker.  There are many exit or transition options such as selling a business to either an external buyer or senior management, creating an ESOP, Gifting  to the next generation (Succession planning) or selling to a Private Equity […]



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