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Stuck on You – Relying on too few clients

Guest: Richard “Max” Maksimoski, Maximum C/Q

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Businesses that are too stuck on too few clients

Imagine you just landed the single largest account of your This podcast episode concentrates on what happens when you get stuck relying on just a handful of larger clients or customers for the bulk of your business.

This situation is a very common to businesses that rely  on the mass market distribution channels, such as Wal-Mart, Target and others. It is not isolated to retail distribution though.

In this episode I discuss with Richard “Max”  Maxsimoski the lessons of diversifying your customer base, looking for new product and business opportunities and understanding the classic 80/20 rule as it applies to different aspects of your business.

One thing is certain in business, especially in today’s global, internet and face paced economy, if you are standing still you are in essence going backwards. Being complacent when it comes to client relations is a sure fire way of getting stuck. The two core dynamics of why clients do business with you – better pricing (including various shipping terms) and better product (quality, customer support, product attributes) must be evaluated continuously.

Landing a very large account is great. But be prepared for it and understand the implications for other parts of your business, including cash flow, operations, supply chain and whether you have the appropriate resources to make it happen.



Business Sales, Business Development, Innovation, Customer Service

The Big Picture (Episode Feature) Question

Are you relying too heavily on just a handful of key accounts and clients? Do you know what percentage of your customers represent the majority of your business revenue?

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Max Maxsimoski, President
Maximum C/Q
(614) 607-4799

Tip/Offer of the Week

Find out how reliant are you on too few clients. Fill out the Client Reliance worksheet and find out how much your business may be ‘stuck’ not being diversified enough when it comes to accounts and customers.

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