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Own your niche online

Guest: Stephanie Chandler, www.businessinfoguide.com

Featured Topics: Finding,  creating and owning your own niche for your business online

Create & Own Your Niche Online

In this episode concentrates on the issues of utilizing the internet and social media to create and own your own online niche for your product and service. This is an area of great confusion to many business owners. It’s easy to get stuck in the world of internet and social media marketing. So many new lessons to learn. The head can explode sometimes from the plethora of opportunities.

In my conversation with Stephanie Chandler, we discuss the power of targeting to online audience. In her words “it’s all about the audience and what they need and what their pain points are.” Finding a community where your target audience is spending their time and beginning to participate is an effective way of creating an online niche and growing your business.

One thing is a constant . It is critical to understand your objectives and create a plan and business roadmap that works for you. An online content strategy is helpful in developing this niche.

This podcast delves deeply into the foundations of a good internet and social media strategy. “Blogging is the foundation of everything you do online” explains Stephanie Chandler. “Bloggers have a lot of influence online”.

This 30 minute podcast is loaded with absolutely great actionable information and tips on how to begin creating and owning your niche online.


Online Content Strategy, Internet Marketing, Business Growth, Blogging, Online Community

The Big Picture Question.

Does the content you have on your website and the content you post on your blog and other social media sites address the pain points, needs and interests of your target audience? Or is it more reflective of what you are interested in?

Featured Guest Information

Stephanie Chandler
Stephanie Chandler Enterprises LLC
11230 Gold Express Drive #310-413
Gold River, CA 95670

Tip/Offer of the Week

Create an online content strategy. This plan will help you understand the message you want to convey to your online community and your target audience. Click to download a simple worksheet to create your own content strategy plan.

Worksheet of the Week

Online Content Strategy Worksheet

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