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Loose Seats show how Stuck American Airlines is

american airlines is stuck in their business with loose seatsFunny how having something loose is indicative of being stuck. The irony of it is downright humorous if not for the potentially dangerous situation this represents to the flying public. But that is truly what is going on these days at American Airlines. The recent revelation of problems of loose seats that have crippled this airlines operations this week are just the most recent example of internal issues that have this company stuck in their business.

What exactly is going on here?

It’s not really news that the airline industry has historically been a rife with a myriad of problems. Labor issues, over capacity issues, under capacity issues, outdated technology, older and more expensive fleets of jets, low margins. This is just the beginning of the list of issues that have gotten many an airline CEO stuck.

This latest fiasco at American Airlines to me is indicative of the big picture of a company’s executives losing their focus and the WHY factor of the business. What is the purpose of this business at this point? Is it to provide affordable, reliable and convenient transportation services to the flying public? Is it to protect the financial interest of its shareholders?

Or is it to hold on to the reins of power at the expense of these two even if it means putting peoples lives, employees livelihoods and most importantly inconveniencing their clients?

American Airlines is stuck in a very short term thinking that is indicative of  a survival mode approach. The business world is strewn with stories of com


panies that went down this roadmap only to find that the road was closed.

All businesses have a life cycle. And often it ends in an exit. The exit for American Airlines  was set in motion years ago and it is obvious that it was done without a good exit strategy or an exit plan that they could implement without damage to their customers, their employees, their vendors and their shareholders.

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