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I’m Stuck watching the Olympics

Are you stuck watching the Olympics?

Once every four years I get stuck. And so do millions and millions of others.

Yes, we get stuck watching the summer Olympics. Only this year it is easier than ever to get stuck. Everywhere you turn, you can get up-to-date information on what’s going on. It’s not your ‘fathers olympics’ to borrow a phrase. No, this is your son or daughters Olympics. This is the 24/7 constantly plugged-in Olympics.

Who needs television anymore? You can stream live on your computer, your mobile device. You can follow events on Twitter, Facebook. You can DVR, TIVO and watch when and where you like.

In short you can easily get stuck watching the Olympics.


Ever wonder what the economic impact of the Olympics really are? I have – and the results are astounding!

Assume for a moment that the average worker spends 1/2 of their workday checking on the Olympics at work, via their computer, mobile device or TV. That’s 1/2 hour not being used for more productive  business activities. How many people stay up till midnight and beyond watching the evening broadcast of the days events at home on their TV? I’m certain that many people haven’t gotten the same amount of sleep as usual.

I guess the only saving grace for American companies is that because of the time zone differences the Olympic games are taking place 5 to 8 hours ahead of our normal work schedules. Just imagine what the economic impact would be if they were to take place in our own country. Why would any country actually want to host the Olympics? The economic costs would far outweigh the benefits.


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