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I’m stuck in my business!!!!!!

I am now stuck in my business. This is not something new. Nor is it a singular event.

I'm stuck in MY business

I'm stuck in MY business

I’m getting stuck a lot as I attempt to reformat and grow my business, Big Picture Advisors, into a business model that serves my personal objectives and business vision. It is this phenomenon of getting stuck in your business that has compelled me to share my life lessons and those of other business owners on our podcasts. It is my driving force behind this blog, the podcast series and the business solution modules that my company is developing to help others get unstuck.

In this blog, starting from today, I plan on posting my ongoing struggles and successes of getting unstuck. The posts will augment the regular blog posts that supplement the weekly podcasts. (now available for download on iTunes and Stitcher).


Let me start this post by  relaying the story of what inspired me to become an entrepreneur almost 25 years ago.

When I was growing up I was in awe of my uncle Effie. He was in a family

business with my other uncle in Miami making kitchen cabinets. I thought he had it made. No worries, no problems. His business strategy was working. Business always seemed to be booming. And to top off my fantasy world, I thought it was so cool that my cousins all worked in the factory. A real family business.

Years later when I had my own family business did I come to realize how stuck in his business my uncle and the rest of my family had become. Toward the end of the business life, my uncles had ceased to talk to each. They did not have a business exit strategy. They had not been able to adequately protect the business wealth they had worked hard to create. Although they lived only three hundred yards from each other, they rarely visited.

There was so much strife and stress in their lives. An outsider would never had seen this.

And that is my point of this blog post.

Every business owner has periods of getting stuck. It’s not obvious to others though. Running a business is tough. Even a business that seems to be thriving may in fact be in a precarious situation, often exacerbated by an unwillingness on the part of the owner and managers to recognize or act on evidence that they are stuck.

I hope you will follow along on my personal and continuous journey of getting unstuck.





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