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Every business owner faces business conditions where they find themselves stuck. These may be short-term and temporary situations, like Receivables or something more permanent and indicative of deeper and more serious business issues, such as proper strategic growth or exit planning. Many sticky issues are just plain too tough to unravel by yourself.

We’ve developed an entire series of robust and comprehensive business solution modules to help you get unstuck and grow your business. Used individually or as a set, these online modules represent a collection of resources to get you Unstuck.

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Current Business Solution Modules

ABC- Annual Business Checkup


Don’t wait until the end of the year. Get an objective, professional review of your Business Core with a Big Picture evaluation.

Abs – Advisory Business Solutions


Is your business in shape? Are all Core functions working effectively? Begin an Abs Workout and Grow Your Profits.

Don’t Get Stuck with Exit Planning


It’s never too soon to begin to plan for how to exit your business. Create a plan that helps you meet your objectives.

Don’t Get Stuck with Strategic Planning


Have a roadmap that provides long term direction that aligns your business assets properly for optimum results.


Upcoming Business Solution Modules

Don’t Get Stuck with Multitasking


Want to squeeze more out of our time? Learn how to Multitask correctly, stay focused and work more efficiently.

Don’t Get Stuck with Social Media


A business without a social media presence is no longer an option. Understand how to use key social media tools.

Don’t Get Stuck with Supply Chain Issues


If your inventory is stuck, then you’re not moving products. Understand common inventory and supply chain issues.

Don’t Get Stuck with Cash Flow


Keep cash flowing efficiently. Maintaining a positive cash flow builds a strong business core and fuels future growth.

Don’t Get Stuck with Business Insurance


Reduce your risk by knowing what types of business insurance are available and applicable to your business.

Don’t Get Stuck with Legal Issues


Understand the most common legal business issues and how  to manage them cost effectively.

Don’t Get Stuck with Payables


Learn how to better manage your accounts payables. Utilize early payment and other techniques to save cash.

Don’t Get Stuck with Internet & Website


Use the best practices for your website.  Grow your niche online to support your brand and build an internet presence.

Don’t Get Stuck with Computer & Software


Businesses have multiple options for computers, software and other IT programs. Understand what is best for you.

Don’t Get Stuck with Financial Statements


Get a good handle on what your financial statements are telling you about the state of your business.

Don’t Get Stuck with Contingency Planning


Learn how to be prepared for the unexpected, whether a natural disaster or other business emergency.

Don’t Get Stuck with Employee Issues


Understand potential employee issues and best practices for employee management and motivation.

Don’t Get Stuck with Intellectual Property


Keep your Intellectual Property protected at all times. Learn to use trademarks, patents and trade secrets.

Don’t Get Stuck with Business Operations


Keep your business running smoothly with better standard operating procedures and best practices.

Don’t Get Stuck with Receivables


Get paid on time. Understand the best practices for accounts receivables and improve your cash flow.

Don’t Get Stuck with Sales & Marketing


Understand common sales & marketing techniques to increase profits and spur business growth.


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