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Get Unstuck from the weekend

Get Unstuck from the weekend

Last week I blogged about getting unstuck in you business with a midweek recharge. Today, I want to write about getting unstuck from the weekend in order to make your work week more productive.

The Monday morning blues are a common occurrence. Happens to everyone. And I mean everyone – from the factory floor worker who’s entire week will consist of the same repeatitive activities to the entrepreneur who’s got the latest and greatest product or service to offer.

What I’m talking about is often a case of not being in the moment. Someone who is stuck thinking about the great times they had on their days off is not in the moment. They are avoiding the moment.

Conversely someone who is thinking about the plate load of work to be done in the coming week, is also not in the moment.

One of the keys of not being being stuck in your business is understanding that each beginning requires a warm up period. This is no different than a healthy exercise session. A runner cannot ramp up to full speed without a proper warmup. A business can’t ramp up to full efficiency without a beginning of the week warmup.

This is an important lesson in growing and building a strong business core. Learn to create a process and dedicate the time at the beginning of each week to ‘ramp’ up. This is how you can build strong business abs. The more defined and practiced your SOP’s are, the less time is needed to ‘ramp’ up any business process. It is not enough to count on multi-tasking to get you ramped up and through the week efficiently. To work effectively you should have finished your previous week with a summary and plan of action going forward. This becomes part of the warm up script as you review what you have accomplished and what is next on the list of task.

Don’t get stuck in your business thinking that you can transition from downtime to full bore without a proper transition.


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