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Extreme ABS – Advisory Business Solutions

Extreme ABS - Advisory Business Solutions

Extreme ABS – Advisory Business Solutions

So you’re dead serious about extreme business success. That is awesome. This ABs solution is for you. It provides for massive focus and resources to move forward in building the most toned business model and operations you can imagine.

The Extreme ABs program is the solution for business owners that need a temporary CEO or President to come in and provide the leadership, vision and judgement to implement and move the company forward.

The Extreme ABs program is often the best choice when you have your back to the wall, you’ve exhausted other business solutions and don’t have the time to waste. This option is not for those on the fence. It requires the willingness to be pushed way beyond your comfort zone.

Here are the mechanics of this Extreme ABs program.

  • Initial ABs program. This is the core to all Advisory Business Solutions. It gets the business heart pumping and metabolism elevated.
  • Complete business analysis with the assistance of a team of outside business experts as needed
  • Up to 80 hours per month that includes significant weekly face-to-face working sessions.
  • A completely retooled business action plan with specific sub-plans for marketing, finance, sales, operations as needed.

What you will receive

  • A renewed sense of purpose, focus and direction
  • Massive focus and energy to build the most powerful business operations to achieve your objectives
  • Opportunity to be part of the Don’t Get Stuck national business podcast and promote your business
  • Opportunity to be profiled on www.bigpictureadvisors.com website under the Case Studies section
  • Complete confidentiality.

What is required from you

  • A minimum commitment of 12 months.
  • Completing all of the exercise/worksheets in full and in a timely manner
  • Honesty and a willingness to accept objective outside advice
  • Patience and perseverance as many systems may change. No Pain No Gain.

Sign Up today and find out how an Extreme ABs program can work your business. Sign up today and get your business in better shape. Build Business Muscle, strengthen your Business Core and create a roadmap for extreme Business Success.


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