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Don’t Get Stuck with Multi-Tasking

Multi-Tasking can lead to inefficiency and a feeling of being stuckComing Soon!!

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We all want to get more done in less time and with less effort. Don’t we?

Often we get stuck with this mindset when in fact the opposite if often the case. We find ourselves stuck in an endless loop of moving from one project to the next, never really completing them properly or just doing the minimum to get by.

Multi-Tasking is great in theory, but in practice it leads to a gigantic patch of quicksand. We may feel that we are accomplishing a lot, when in essence we are not getting anymore (often less) done than if we dedicated more time and focus to a single project.

The Don’t Get Stuck with Multi-Tasking module was developed to help you understand the pitfalls of multi-tasking, how to create a balanced approach to juggling multiple tasks and finally exercises and worksheets on time management, focus and project management.

Multi-Tasking is a discipline and a skill set that can be learned. It is not inherent in all of us and in fact, we probably all go about it incorrectly. Someone who is not an organized person to begin with will only get stuck in a time trap. Someone who is obsessively organized may have an easier time.



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