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Does Your Business Have 20/20 Vision?

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A business needs 20-20 visionAs we get older our eyesight changes. We don’t have the 20/20 vision that we had when we were younger. We need corrective lenses in order to see things the way we once did.

However, just because our eyes no longer function as well as before, we are the people. Our impaired vision does not really change us. It doesn’t change our values, our objectives, our character.

A business has a character as well. It is embodied in the Vision of the owners. This vision is open for the world to see even if it is not directly articulated. The way a business, its owner (s) interacts with its employees, vendors and customers is indicative of the value system of that company.

Often a business will lose sight of its vision and veer off course. It no longer has 20/20 vision. Corrective measures are needed to see clearly again.

The clarity of vision is certainly important when it comes time to exit.

Does the vision of the company when it was started or growing square with the vision at its exit point? Will the new owners of the business have the same vision?

Often not. And this leads to a clash of values that often destroys a company after the transition to new ownership.

Making sure that your Business vision is 20/20 throughout the business life and beyond is one of the hardest – yet most important tasks of a business ownership team.






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