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Commandment #1 – Know Thy Customer

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Create a written business roadmap that leads you to successCash flow is the movement of cash into and out of a business. It is the oxygen by which business operations breath. Without positive cash flow a business will run out of the liquid financial assets that keep a company growing.

Many businesses fail because they lack adequate capital, have limited or no lines of credit or have inadequate cash management. This can effect business of all sizes and at all stages. Many businesses are seasonal and must have a disciplined cash management plan to get through the slower times of the year.

This episodes delves into the reasons that cash flow are so critical and some simple steps to both monitor and control it.



Cash Flow, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Working Capital

The Big Picture (Episode Feature) Question

Do you have a handle on your cash flow needs for the next month and upcoming fiscal quarter? Don’t get stuck without cash because you don’t adequately understand the flows of cash in and out of your business in the short term.

Host Information

Joel Goobich, President
Big Picture Advisors llc

Tip/Offer of the Week

Many companies, especially those that sell BTB, extend credit to their customers. This creates a cash receivable which is essentially  an IOU you’ve extended to your customers, You are acting like a bank or credit card company, giving your client time a certain amount of time to pay you. To make sure you don’t get stuck without sufficient cash, make sure you do your homework to who you extend credit, how much and for how long.

The tip of the week is to make sure you have a written and comprehensive credit policy that makes sense to your business.

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