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Business Revenue – It’s your Gasoline

Host:  Joel Goobich, Big Picture Advisors

Featured Topics:  Business Revenue, Business Growth Strategies, Sales

Generating Revenue is a core function of every businessIt goes without saying that the success of any business is closely tied to its ability to generate reveneu. Increasing or even maintaining a revenue stream rarely happens by itself.

In this episode we delve into the issues of business growth, strategic business plans and creating an actionable roadmap with specific objectives and milestones.

It is important to have the sales and marketing efforts work in tandem in the context of the Big Picture of your organizations objectives.

Does your revenue plan reinforce your core brand and message? Are you just chasing ‘low hanging’ fruit at the to meet cash flow needs and at the expense of long term and more profitable revenue sources? Your sales and marketing plans must highlight the core values of your business with actionable calls-to-action



Business Growth, Business Development plan, Sale & Marketing Plans, Business roadmap, Business Revenue

The Big Picture (Episode Feature) Question

Do you have a specific and written plan for growing your business revenue? Or are you just getting by on inertia?

Host Information

Joel Goobich, President
Big Picture Advisors llc

Tip/Offer of the Week

Increasing revenue, top line growth, means increasing sales. As a general rule it’s easier, quicker and less expensive to grow revenue from existing customers versus trying to gain new customers.  It helps to understand how your average sales have grown in the past number of years.

Today’s tip is a simple exercise. Calculate your average sales per transaction for the past three years. This is done simply by dividing your sales revenue by the number of independent sales transactions. If the number is growing then you may have more opportunites to offer more items/services to this existing customer base.

If the number is decreasing, then you can increase revenue by understanding who is buying less and target these customers.

Thought Exercises

1.  Write down one or two sentence statements that describe the key added-value features of your products and services.

Evaluate each statement in the eyes of your customer. Is this what they really want or need?

2.  Write down the three main components of your sales and marketing strategies.

Are these communicated (and how) to your organization and employees?


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