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Business Growth is Worthless

A Strong Business Team leads to Business Growth

Business Growth is worthless.

There it is. I said it. And I’ll say it again. Business Growth is worthless …. unless you understand that it is not a one time event, like some Olympic Athletic event to train for, compete in and then go home hopefully with a medal.

What is Business Growth? Is this an overused word that has lost it’s meaning. Does it mean the same thing to everyone? Of course not. We often talk about growing a bigger bottom line (profits) or growing a large top line (revenue), growing or increasing market share. These are all measurements of growth. The metrics by which we can compare the growth from one period to the next.

Don’t Get Stuck thinking your measurements are the essence of growth. They are not.

Let’s first define growth.

According to the Miriam Websters dictionary, Growth is defined as “the act or process of developing or progressing’.

The key word here is “Process”.

Business growth is a process and not a singular event. Nor should it be an isolated occurrence. Rather growth should be considered a continuum of events and inputs that lead to building a stronger business core.

The Big Picture Definition of Business Growth

Business Growth is a process by which a company creates robust, reproducible and measurable added-value.

That is why it is essential to build a stronger business core. It’s no different than a body builder or weight lifter. They work on building a strong muscular and abdominal core so that they can lift more weights. So they can grow.

A business is no different. Business Growth starts and circles back in a continuous loop to strengthening the core elements of a business; it’s operations, it’s products, it’s distribution, it’s human capital.

Very few businesses can thrive without nurturing, maintaining and developing the internal human capital assets. It is an essential component of a strong business Core. And it is often the most overlooked and most taken for granted.

Unless your business is completely automated with Robots then you will need trained and motivated people to make it run. And even though most companies are divided into different striations of employee responsibility, the entirety must be greater than the sum of the parts to create a growth process, a continuum that leads to added value.


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The Big Picture (Episode Feature) Question

How would you rate the effectiveness of your business “Human Capital’? Is everyone working from the same ‘playbook’? Are you getting the best ROI out of your management and employee capital?

Tip/Offer of the Week

Watching sports, especially team sports, is something that is done universally. (witness the billions of people who watched the recent Olympics). A successful sports team is similar to a good sports team. To succeed, there needs to be a high degree of trust, honesty and willingness to put ego aside for the greater good. Does this describe your business team? If not, then what can you do to make your human resources work better as a team?

Read the case study from Grenell Consulting Group about developing and promoting leadership positions from within.

Listen to our podcast on this subject.


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