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Be your own Bank

Guest: Wade Hinderks, Strategy & Success Solutions

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Be your own private bank

Be your own Private Bank

On the episode titled “Be Your Own Bank” we delve into the concept of privatized banking with Wade Hinderks, one of the leading experts in this area.

Privatized banking, or the  Infinite Banking Concept, is a process or strategy that focuses maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of cash flow through self financing.This is essentially how a bank earns money. They make incremental profits on the flow of cash. In this episode we’ll learn how you can turn your business cash flow into a privatized bank.
The essence of a Privatized bank or Infinite Banking is how to recover the interest that you normally pay to a banking institution through the use of dividend paying life insurance, so that the policy owner makes what a banking institution does. Earnings grow within the policy – Tax deferred. Yeah!!!!!
By becoming your own bank you both reduce your tax burden and capture monies for yourself that a bank would normally receive.
And as a bonus – you have a death benefit thrown in on the side. Now that’s sweet!!
In this episode we dive right into the guts of now to set up and the mechanism of maintaining a privatized bank. You will learn from our guest, Wade Hinderks, how to use this technique to fund business growth, finance your business operations and strengthens your business core. Don’t get stuck in your business throwing away the opportunity to capture monies you have been transferring to your lenders and banks. Take control of your cash flow and make it work for you.


Cash Flow, Compound Interest, Velocity of Money, Privatized Banking, Capital Management

The Big Picture (Episode Feature) Question

Is your your cash flow positive? Are you taking full advantage of your cash flow to earn incremental interest similar to a bank?

Featured Guest Information

Wade Hinderks, President
Strategy & Success Solutions
Strategy and Success Solutions
(312) 473-1601

Tip/Offer of the Week
Learn more about how to utilize your business cash flow to become unstuck from your bank or other financial lending institution. Read the book “Becoming Your own Banker” by R. Nelson Nash.
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