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ABC – Annual Business Checkup

Annual Business Checkup

Without a clear picture of where your business currently stands, it is difficult to build and strengthen your business CORE and develop an business roadmap that meets your objectives.

There are few shortcuts. Do your homework and start with the ABC’s. Conduct an Annual Business Checkup. Sign up today.
Every business needs a periodic and objective checkup. No different than your car, your HVAC units or your own body.

The ABC – Annual Business Checkup business solution module developed by Big Picture Advisors is a comprehensive 72 point ‘inspection’ and review of your business.

Take a closer look at your business

It requires rigor and honesty and lots’ of hard work. This is not an inspection like taking it to a shop and just leaving it there. You have to do the heavy lifting. We are here to help provide the tools to make this happen. but no one can look in the mirror completely for you.

So here’s how it works. Our ABC Module comes with a complete set of exercises, resource library and guidelines. These are downloaded online. Once you have completed the worksheets/exercises you will upload them to our secure date server. We will evaluate your responses, the data you’ve provided and send you a complete annual business checkup evaluation report.

We will also schedule a one hour online meeting to go over the report, answer any questions you might have and make specific recommendations regarding your business.

Treat your business with the respect and attention you give other assets of lesser value and importance

Do your ABC, your Annual Business Checkup

What’s Included

  • 72 point business checkup
  • SWOT analysis
  • Review of Core business operations

Annual Business Checkup




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