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Archive for October 2012

Stop the Presses!! – Newsweek is stuck in an old business model

Stop the Presses!! - Newsweek is stuck in an old business model

Stop the presses. I mean literally STOP THE PRESSES. (I really did mean to yell). That’s what’s going to happen at Newsweek at the end of this year. That’s right, after nearly 80 years of publication, the news magazine will no longer be printed. It will no longer “go to press”. Newsweek, under the direction of Editor-in-Cheif Tina Brown has created an exit strategy and will be implementing an exit plan to fully transition […]


A Brokered Sale – Part B

A Brokered Sale - Part B

Guest: Barbara Taylor, Synergy Business Services. LLC Featured Topics: Business Brokers – How a Business Broker works to sell your business [powerpress] This episode (part B) continues my conversation from earlier this summer with Barbara Taylor, a business broker based in Rogers, Arkansas. This section of the interview deals with how a business broker works. How do they help a business owner prepare to sell their business? What is the due diligence that a […]


The “magic” behind a great exit

The "magic" behind a great exit

Host:  Joel Goobich, Big Picture Advisors Featured Topics: Business Exit Plan, Exit Strategy, Succession Planning, Exiting a business [powerpress] Exiting a business does not involve any magic. There is no great “magic” trick where a magician waves his wand and ‘poof’ in a cloud of smoke you disappear and exit to the next big thing in your life. Here’s a simple fact – Everyone Exits. (Nothing earth shattering in this pearl of wisdom). On […]


Loose Seats show how Stuck American Airlines is

Loose Seats show how Stuck American Airlines is

Funny how having something loose is indicative of being stuck. The irony of it is downright humorous if not for the potentially dangerous situation this represents to the flying public. But that is truly what is going on these days at American Airlines. The recent revelation of problems of loose seats that have crippled this airlines operations this week are just the most recent example of internal issues that have this company stuck in their […]


Risky Business

Risky Business

Guest: Kyle Hafstad – InKnowVision Featured Topics: Business Insurance, Exit Planning, Life Insurance, Estate Planning [powerpress] Running a business is risky. Even the most successful businesses have a high degree of risk. Markets change, competitors are constantly nipping at your heals, employee issues,  cash flow, capitalization, operational concerns. The list goes on and on. On this podcast episode titled “Risky Business” we talk about one aspect of the business risk issue – that is […]



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